Tips on finding a perfect clan

5 tips to find a perfect clan in Clash of Clans

Here are five tips on how you can find the best clan in the game.

The tip #1: Choose your playstyle

There are three different categories of the clans: casual clans, semi-competitive clans and competitive ones. With casual clans is typically a laid-back environment focussed on farming and clan games. War is optional and it’s really just all about having a community of people you enjoy to play the game with and just have a good time.

The next one, being a semi-competitive war clan where war is typically multiple times a week and players are encouraged to war within the clan.

And the third one is a competitive war clan, these clans typically have war win rate of over 75%. Chances are they take war pretty seriously and a lot of them actually tend to have a third party communication source such as Discord or sometimes even Telegram.

So before we get into tip number two I’d start thinking about what type of clan you would like to join and really just what type of player you are.

The tip #2: Use clan search wisely

Using the clan search and clan labels to find your ideal clan. This is one of the newer features in the game and some of you may or may not be familiar with it. So as you can see on your profile on the top left you actually have three different labels, where you can kind of classify yourself as a player.

It’s basically a description of you, summed up within three words and a cool feature that’s actually new to the game. You can actually get invited by clans whether they’re opponents or random clans. If you’re looking for a new one and you can accept invites by pressing that button. So the next thing that you can do is when you’re looking for a clan and you’re not really sure what to do. You have to classify yourself as a player whether you’re a town hall 12 and you just want to join a town hall 12. You can actually set it up to join only town hall 12 clans and you can set it up to find those people such as competitive ones, which are probably some of the more serious clans. Or you could actually go into farming donations relaxed and those are probably gonna be more of your casual clans.

The tip #3: Check their donations

Some of the key things that you should look at is donations. So as you click on a clan you want, scroll down the member list and see how many people are actually donating troops. If in the clan, for example, there a lot of people with over multiple thousands and even over 10 000 donations this is a good sign to not only show that it’s an active clan. You need people who are going donate you good troops and siege machines of your town hall level

The tip #4: Use reddit and forums

Clash of clans subreddit and the Clash of clans recruiting subreddit are players and clans who are looking to grow and typically you can find out a lot about them because they give information about their clan.

This is a great way to find people who are typically more talented and more in touch with the game than finding them in-game. We actually recommend using the forums and the reddit to find better clans. So hopefully that helps you guys out and if you guys are struggling to find a new clan don’t worry there’s tons of them out there.

The tip #5: Be patient

Finding the right clan is not a matter of couple of minutes. Sometimes it takes months to get to know clan members and their style of communications. The good clan is a clan that works on internal relationships as a big family. Good luck!

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