Clash of Clans Yetismash Attacks strategy

Attack strategy for TH11, TH12 and TH13 (with video)

With today’s video we are talking about the best attack strategy for each of these top town hall levels – TH11, TH12 and TH13.

In this video we’re just focusing on that one go-to strategy that you need to know if you have an account at that town hall level.

Obviously, there’s other stuff that ss working but this is kind of the bread and butter of each of these top town hall levels.

This is a strategy that gained popularity right away – it is the Yeti smash for Town hall 13.

The Yetis are pretty tanky, you can also do the warden walk to create the funnel. Warden can reach Inferno towers sometimes because that extra range that he has. In general the idea is – you are going to create a funnel on both sides of opponent base.

Full video explanation goes below, now catch team compositions:

Town Hall 13 attack strategy

  • Army: 4 Healers, 1 Pekka, 8 Yetis, 3 Minions, 1 Ice Golem, 3 Archers, 2 Goblins, 1 Balloon, 4 Wizards.
  • Spells: Healing Spell x 1, Rage Spell x 1, Poison Spell x 1, Jump Spell x 1, Earthquake Spell x 4.
  • Clan Castle (Siege Barracks): Hog Riders x 8, Rage Spell x 1.

Town Hall 12 attack strategy

  • Army: 8 Wall Breakers, 22 Balloons, 1 Wizard, 5 Healers, 10 Minions, 2 Lava Hounds.
  • Spells: Rage Spell x 3, Freeze Spell x 2, Poison Spell x 1, Haste Spell x 2.
  • Clan Castle (Stone Slammer): Balloons x 8, Rage Spell x 1.

Town Hall 11 attack strategy

  • Army: 1 Archer, 1 Giant, 4 Balloons, 2 Wizards, 10 Dragons, 2 Minions, 1 Bowler, 1 Ice Golem.
  • Spells: Rage Spell x 2, Freeze Spell x 3, Poison Spell x 1, Bat Spell x 4.
  • Clan Castle (Stone Slammer): Balloons x 7, Bat Spell x 2.

Video guide:

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