Clash of clans guide to ring bases attacks

How to destroy a ring base (early TH13) in Clash of Clans

The ring-based layout is one of the most annoying types of opponent bases in Clan War and trophy pushing.

Here is the video explanation of how to 3-star this kind of base in Clash of Clans, assuming that you don’t have maxed heroes. Also, the base doesn’t have Scattershot, so it is kind of easier. Anyways, the concept of the attack can be applied to even those bases that do have Scattershot defenses.

Army composition:

4 Healers, 1 Electro Dragon, 5 Giants, 3 Pekka, 11 Bowlers, 1 Minion, 1 Archer, 1 Rage spell, 3 Freeze spells, 1 Poison spell, 5 Bat spells.

Siege machine with 6 giants, 1 Ice Golem, 1 Rage spell.

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