Clash of Clans TH13 Farming Base

Best TH13 Farming & Trophy Base

It’s a great base, lots of people are failing at. We have replays that prove it. The first one is starting with dragons to funnel, then the heroes and the rest of the dragons with the balloons. They need to take ice golems from CC, but the blowers are getting them back and … all the balloons are gone, one dragon is trying to get the funnel but failed to do that.

As you can see the base is performing very good, it’s a great hybrid base for pushing as well.

Let’s move on to the second replay – starting with a queen-walk from the top and it doesn’t work. After deploying all the bowlers, triggering the eagle artillery, lots of things are happening, but the Town Hall is untouched. The bat spells from the right only take the cannon and that’s it. Looks like a fail again and that’s it – 39% zero stars. Perfect!

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