Best TH13 army in Clash of Clans

Best TH13 army in Clash of Clans in 2020

Here are some nice troops compositions for the Town Hall level 13 in Clash of Clans. The data is collected from different sources. We have pro-players video replays, community feedback and Supercell’s API (the percentage of win rates of different troops). It is assumed, that the attacker has Town Hall of the same level 13. Maxed troops are preferable. Anyways all of these attack strategies are possible with not maxed-out troops.

Best performing troops to attack Town Hall 13

Hybrid Hog Riders and Miners

Troop composition is 14 Hogs, 14 Miners, 5 Healers, 2 Baby Dragons, 3 Balloons, 1 Super Wall Breaker (or 5 normal ones), 1 Archer, 1 Wizard, 1 Minion. Spells are 3 Heals (Or 2 Heals and 1 Jump), 2 Rages, 2 Freezes, 1 Poison. Siege Machine – flexible, you need to have bring all 4 types.

The strategy is Queen walk in order to clear some crucial defense layers, including Eagle Artillery and/or Inferno Towers. You have to create a funnel for Miners and Hogs. Also, place your Miners first, then support them with Hog Riders, Grand Warden and the Royal Champion.

Yeti Bowler

Troop composition is 6 Yetis, 6 Bowlers, 3 Witches, 1 Baby Dragon, 5 Healers and 4 Balloons. Spells are 2 Rage, 2 Jump, 2 Freeze, 1 Poison and 1 more Rage from Siege Machine (Battle Blimp is the best one).

The strategy is to create a funnel with Queen walk, Balloons and Barbarian King. Then place Yetis and Bowlers. They have to go straight to the Town Hall 13. Don’t forget to enable the Warden ability right after you destroy the Town Hall.

Drag Bat

The army is 8 Dragons, 1 Baby Dragon, 1 Electro Dragon, 1 Ice Golem, 6 Balloons, 3 Wizards, 2 Super Wall Breakers (or 4-6 regular Wall Breakers), 3 Archers. The key is in spell and their accurate use: 1 Rage, 3 Freeze, 1 Poison, 5 Bat and 1 more rage from your Clan Castle troops.

You need to clear trash buildings and some key defenses. Then, you can place your Dragons with Warden. You need them not to spread much all around the enemy base. At the same time you need them not to be grouped tightly.

The Bat and Freeze Spells come from the late phase of the attack, destroying corner defense buildings while Mage Towers are frozen. This is crucial! Mage Towers can kill your bats with just one shot, so the timing of Freeze Spells is important.

Sui LaLo

The army is 36 Balloons, 2 Lava Hounds, 1 Baby Dragon, 9 Minions, 5 Wall Breakers, 2 Archers. Spells: 1 Rage, 4 Freeze, 1 Poison, 3 Haste, 1 Skeleton (to distract the enemy Queen) and 1 more Rage from your Clan Castle.

The strategy is to clean up some key defenses with the Queen and the King. Trigger some air traps with several balloons. Then make the rest of your Balloons come across the most important part of the enemy base. Pop up the Warden ability upon Town Hall destruction. Eagle Artillery has to be destroyed also or you will be wrecked. The Royal Champion supports from opposite angle.

Extra: 8th level 18 Valkyries

Troops are 18 Valkyries (the upgrade is important, they have to be max level), 4 Super Barbarians (to clear trash buildings), 1 Giant, 4 archers, 5 Wizards, 5 Healers and 1 Minion. Spells: 1 Heal, 2 Jump, 2 Rage and 1 Freeze. Bring Siege Barracks with Pekka and Wizards.

It is possible to Warden walk some key defenses as well with this strategy. The key is to bring Valkyries to the enemy Town Hall. You will definitely need to practice that.

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