TH13 best war base 2020 year

Best TH13 War base year 2020

Let’s take a look at the TH 13 base, but first off huge shout out to Hogzilla who built this base. This base actually has never got triple.

Let’s take a look at why exactly is this base good. The first thing obviously to take a look at is the x-bow setups. The x-bows are dealing tons of damage right now and are obviously super important to defend most of the Queen charges and other things that are in the current meta.

It’s important to have at least three x-bows set on ground. Let’s take a deeper look at the setup of this base because you can draw a really nice line in between basically and you see most of people are charging around the channel especially with Queen charged harbors being super super popular right now. A lot of people are trying to charge her onto town hall. The clue in behind of this is the trap setup.

The next annoying thing which might be more annoying which is “Yeti smash” and most of the time you have to be concentrating on earthquake value, the majority of people are using earthquake with this strategy together and the biggest earthquake spot on this base is like from this wall to this wall (see the video), but this won’t open any of the other compartments like the top compartment.

See the full video explanation below and yes, try this base right now.

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