Clash of Clans Clan Games

Clan Games are on!

Here is the list of all Clash of Clans Clan Games rewards for the May season:

Clan Games are on!

Alongside with the Clan games Supercell has announced some new changes to the Clan games functionality, as well as some new rewards. Here they are:

  • The cooldown for trashing a Task will always now be a flat 10 minutes;
  • The Gem cost for speeding up the timer has been reduced from 3x to 1x;
  • Point rewards that require you to earn Stars using Builder Base Troops, win Builder Base battles, get Builder Base Stars, and get Builder Base destruction have been lowered;
  • Several Task types will now reward you with increased points but also have a very slightly less chance of appearing in the Task rotation:
    • Tasks requiring you to get Stars against a specific Town Hall level or a Town Hall level higher than your own.
    • Tasks that require you to get Stars without using Spells or Heroes.
    • Tasks that require you to win Titan League battles, earn Stars from Wars, or kill Heroes.
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