Clash of Clans beginner tips and tricks

Clash of Clans tips and tricks for beginners

This is a general beginner’s guide: everything you need to know when you’re actually starting out Clash of clans.

As we move through the tutorial here and we’ll teach you lots of tips and tricks along the way. In the tutorial you’ll be instructed to build another builders hut. This costs 250 gems and you start out with five hundred gems. The third builder will cost 500 gems, so you only need to save up another 250 gems in order to get that third builder.

You can unlock five of these builders and each time the price doubles, so the fourth builder is 1000 gems and the fifth is 2000 gems.

The builders are the best thing to buy with premium currency in the game. The more builders you have as you go through the game, the better your production speed.

The tutorial will tell you to spend gems in order to speed up upgrades, but you don’t actually have to do that. You can let the timer tick out and you don’t have to spend that premium currency, because you want to try and save up for them extra builders.

If you are going to spend money on the game: Clash of Clans isa free-to-play game, but you can buy the premium currency. The Builder Hut’s are definitely what we would recommend buying.

There are a few different currencies in Clash of Clans, but when you first start out you only need to worry about gold and elixir.

Let’s talk about attacking. So we’ve built our barracks, this is where you train troops and we can build some barbarians. This is the first troop that you unlock in the game. Again, you can see that the tutorial wants you to spend that premium currency for speeding up army construction, but you don’t have to do that. You can just sit and wait for the timer to go through.

Once you skipped over the tutorial part, you need to focus on building your town hall and in the first few levels of Clash of clans is really important to build your Clan Castle. The Clan Castle (CC) is going be the most essential thing to you at this low level, because the Clan Castle will allow you to join clans and you can get reinforcements and tips and all that good stuff from clan mates and any other person that you know is part of the clan.

So just the biggest tip for Town Hall to really focus on trying to get the Clan Castle. So you need 10 000 gold in order to do that, so you need to focus on upgrading your storages. After that it is time to build everything you can and upgrade everything you can, so you can move on to the next Town hall. The Clan Castle is going to be your number one objective this low.

The next to upgrade will be the collectors, the mines or the storage. It’s very easy and very quick at the beginning of the game, but it’ll get increasingly longer afterwards.

Then upgrade your Town Hall, because your new Town Hall will allow you to hold more gold as well.

You also have a 3-day shield in order to build up some strength in order to prepare it being attacked by other players. But until then you can use the goblins and attack others’ bases. Make sure to upgrade your barracks as well.

Next, build your defenses. Put walls around the Town Hall, also put resource storage buildings near it. It allows you to defend resource with much less important buildings to kill attacking troops.

It’s really important that you upgrade your walls at +2 levels, because the defensive ability of first wooden walls is very low.

Then build a mortar and locate it near the center of your base near to your Town Hall behind the walls.

Then build Archer Towers (nice range) and Cannons (little less), and place in range of important structures.

Keep upgrading that sequence: defenses and Clan Castle first, facility buildings next,. walls, then begin upgrading your Town Hall. Rinse and repeat.

Don’t forget to check our Base Layouts for beginners – Town Hall 5, Town Hall 6 and more layouts for defense and farming in the early levels.

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