Clash of Clans Builder Hall Upgrade

Do I have to rush the Builder Base? Yes

Here are some reasons to rush the Builder Base:

  • More Army Camps (you get the 4th camp at BH level 4)
  • Battle Machine + Mortar at BH level 5, which gives you great opportunities
  • Collect more resources at BH5 as well
  • No punishing for matchmaking (technically speaking, the influence of your Builder base for matchmaking is miserable)
  • More wins – more Trophies and more bonuses for victory
  • You will get the 6th builder for Home Village eventually
Do I have to rush the Builder Base? Yes

The interesting thing is that many of us still think rushing the Builder Hall is bad. No, that is not true. The Builder Village doesn’t depend on the same Loot system as Home Village, so that rushing Builder Hall doesn’t imply tough restrictions and punishes at matchmaking system.

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