Clash of Clans 6th builder requirements

How to get 6th builder in Clash of Clans?

With Builder Hall 9 we are getting the ability to gain a 6th builder in the game Clash of Clans.

Technically, this one you can get for free, but there’s a few steps you need to follow.

You guys out there know, that if you have five builders in your main village going you can let new upgrade happen, because of the master builder.

Let’s talk about this brand new building in Builder Hall 9 called the O.T.T.O Hut.

The OTTO Hut is a new helper for our master builder, but this has some requirements. Before it is able to help out and allow that master builder to go over and work in the main village, you will see that there are 4 different requirements – you need to gear up three buildings in the home village:

  • cannon
  • archer tower
  • mortar
How to get 6th builder in Clash of Clans?

You need to have cannon carts upgraded to level 18 which will be the new max level for Builder Hall 9. You need to have the Mega Tesla upgraded, and then you willl have to have the Battle Machine up to level 30!

Getting things done:

To obtain O.T.T.O Hut level 2 you need to gear up all 3 types of defenses in Home Village – Mortar, Archer and Cannon.

For level 3 you must upgrade Cannon Carts (attacking units) to level 18.

For level 4 you need to upgrade that Mega Tesla to level 9.

Finally, for level 5 you have to upgrade your Battle Machinery (Hero of the Home Village) to level 30.

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Only then you’ll be able to upgrade OTTO Hut five times here and it will be completed.

At OTTO hut up to level 5 you can go over to the main village and put your 6th builder to work at main village.

Now, just a few quick notes: the master builder will only be building if he is the sixth builder so he’s not going to be like your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. It will only work if he is that real 6th builder, so you want to make sure you have other builders going.

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