Clash of Clans January Balance changes

Supercell announces balance changes

The balance changes got announced, so let’s talk about them.

So we have a couple of small things and we have something which is not listed in game but in the forums and we’re going to talk about that as well.

We get started with the new buff of the canons – 10 HP. The reason for that is the Royal champion – if she’s completely maxed out and her ability is doing exactly 1 860 damage, which means she is one-shotting canons so easily. But with this 10 HP buff those cannons will survive.

Obviously you guys might think: “Okay, well, those 10 HP – she would just one shot them after”. But this means the canons will get little bit more DPS, this means traps around the canons will be still triggered, which means canons from now on our safe spots if you play spring traps around canons.

On the current patch this means the spring chefs might be useless, because the Royal champion just using her ability and all the springs around her completely useless.

This means if you combine her with the hog riders and you’re using the Royal champion back and forth a couple of canons those spring traps in between are not getting triggered.

But for now placing a spring trap in between of two canons is a safe spot because this means she cannot want shot them, which means hog riders will most likely go that path traps will be triggered. This is a huge thing way, more important than might think.

The next change is going to be really nice as well – Yetimites are no longer triggering traps. Is this actually a buff to Yetis or is this actually a nerf? What is the reason with it? We think the easiest one how to show you, that it is actually a nerf is to giving you replay (watch it at the end of the post).

The next thing is community tab and fixing of an exploit, which a lot of high trophy players have been using abusing lately.

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