HOG/MINER HYBRID BEST TH13 Attack Strategy - 15 x Hog riders and 15 x Miners

TH13 Hog/Miner Hybrid attack strategy (with video)

So you want to know how to three-star bases using hogs and miners? Then you’re in the right place!

In these “Made Simple” attack strategy series we find the best attack strategies and we make them simple.

This beautiful attack strategy is the Hog/Miner hybrid.

The army composition is: 5 healer, 2 wizards, 1 pekka, 15 hogs, 15 miners, 2 balloons, 1 minion.

Your spells are gonna be 3 heal, 1 rage, 1 jump and 1 poison spell and siege clan castle with more hog riders.

So first of all you’re going to need to Queen walk, and you’re need to funnel her to where you wanted to go and .. watch the strategy from here now:

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