Clash of Clans TH13 Hybrid Attack Explanation

TH13 Hybrid Hogs and Miners attack explained (video)

Here is the beautiful video explanation of how the Hog & Miner attack should work at Town Hall 13 on Clash of Clans.

Remember one gold rule – you need to make a funnel for your Hog Riders and Miners with Queen Walk.

The second gold rule with this army composition is to lure and clear the Clan Castle troops. It is more important the killing the Eagle Artillery, Scattershots or enemy Queen (but it would be nice addition to help your Miners and Hogs).

The detailed explanation is in the video (props to Clash Playhouse):

Other beautiful video tutorial on TH13 Hybrid Attack (props to Clash with JO):

Last, but not the least one (props to CarbonFin Gaming):

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