TH13 Yeti, Witches and Bowler attack strategy (with video)

Today we want to show you one of the strongest strategies, if not the strongest right now.

The army composition: 4 Balloons, 2 Baby Dragons, 5 Healers, 3 Witches, 4 Yetis, 7 Bowlers, 1 Minion, 2 Archers, 6 Wall breakers, 1 mage.

Spells: 3 Rage, 1 Jump, 2 Freeze, 1 Poison.

Clan Castle: 2 Yetis, 1 Valkyrie, 1 Barbarian and 1 Rage spell.

We will use the same army for both attacks even though the bases are completely different and obviously if you guys are checking out the top leader button right now most of the guys over there are using this army.

If you’re having hybrid which is really good against most of the bases except a couple of those ring bases, where it’s really annoying to face, you do not have the problem with this this army. The secret behind is that you can use every single siege and yes that’s kind of the thing which you can change even though you can’t change the main army you can change your Siege machine.

The nice thing about that is if you’re using the blimp, the ram, the slammer, the siege barracks – every single siege machine is working with the Yeti

So we will show you guys the first base. What we’re going to do: we’re starting a Queen walk and one of the corners to break into the base, then letting our crew decide in which way she wants to go. Then, as soon as we’re reaching the next corner, we’re just adding our Yeti smash and then we’re having the core.

See all two attacks in the video below:

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