Clash of Clans TH7 Attach Guide

TH7 New attack guide

This strategy can be used both for farming and war attacks.

Steps to follow:

  • Drop the giants in parallel to the wall
  • Immediately drop a line of wizards behind the giants in parallel
  • Now similarly drop the line of archers
  • Use ine rage spell and drop the Wall Breakers

Some IFs:

  • If a Dragon or any other powerful troops come from the enemy Clan Castle, drop all the minions to destroy it, archers and wizards will be also attacking them


  • Drop your Clan Castle troops and the King
  • Use Heal spell to heal units in the middle
  • Once any air defense is destroyed, drop the Dragon on the other side of AD to clean sweep the base

Troops: 12 giants, 13 wizards, 26 archers, 4 barbarians (to clear corners), 9 wall breakers, 10 minions (or archers), 1 dragon and Barbarian King (if you have one).

Video showcase:

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