Town Hall 7 attack strategy

Town Hall 7 Attack Guide

How to become a good attacker at townhall 7?

This text and video are ultimate town hall 7 attacking guides.

Farming strategy

Let’s discuss some farming strategies. Our first strategy is GAE things. You’ll need:

  • 17 giants
  • 18 wizards
  • 5 wall breakers
  • 2 healers
  • 5 archers
  • 4 giants from the Clan Castle (CC)
  • 2 healing spells + 1 rage spell

That’s it! Now you’re ready to fight.

Step 1 – check for clan castle troops, you can easily do that by dropping any troop within the range of clan castle, so you can see in the video replay above how we use the wall breaker to check if there is anything in the CC.

Step 2 – as you can see in this replay, nothing came out of the clan castle, but we still going to show you what to do if something comes out of the clan castle. This is going to be our step to kill clan castle troops.

Take the clan castle troops to a corner and kill them. You can easily kill them by surrounding them with your wizards. Now that we have taken care of clan castle troops it’s time to plan our attack.

Step 3 – plan your attack. We’re going to drop our troops from one side of the base so that we can take out air defenses and wizard towers. Then, we’re going to drop our Giants and wall breakers. After that, we are going to deploy our wizards behind the Giants, so our Giants connect as a tank for our wizards.

We want our King to go towards the center of the base, so we’re going to use some wizards to take out buildings that could distract our King.

Step 4 – support your troops with heal spells

Step 5 – support your troops with healers if needed, also you can use your rage spell when there is a lot of troops at the same place

Step 6 – drop rest of the troops for cleanup process.

Easy three stars! You can use this strategy in Clan Wars too.

In this video, we are going to play one more of this farming strategy. If you are in a league where you find a lot of dead bases, then this strategy is for you.

Things you need for this strategy are – 110 archers, 60 barbarians, 30 goblins, heal spells and hogs or Giants in the CC. That’s all.

So first of all, the obvious stuff like checking the clan castle and killing the CC troops. The chances of something coming out of CC is going to be low since you are going to attack a dead base. In this strategy you basically have to spam your troops in order to get the loot inside those collectors.

We like to send a wave of barbarians and then a wave of archers and goblins behind them. You can support your troops with heal spells if needed.

This strategy is cheap and takes very less time to train.

War strategy

Our first strategy is going to be mass hog riders. This strategy is really powerful if you know how to use it properly.

Things you need for this strategy are – 30 hog riders, 10 barbarians, 8 wizards, 2 archers, 3 wall breakers and 4 hogs in the clan castle. For the spells you need – 3 heal spells.

That’s it! Let’s take a look at our Step 1 – check for clan castle troops. Step 2 – how to take care of them – if they come out of the CC this is going to be our step to kill CC troops. All you need to do is surround enemy’s troops by your wizards as in this replay. Now it’s time for Step 3 – deploy your hogs. You can pick any side of the base where you want to deploy your hogs from. You can start deploying them in two or three different groups. Step 4 – use of heal spell. Step 5 – clean up, you can start deploying rest of the troops for the cleanup process.

Hogs are really strong but the only downside of this strategy is that it is very expensive. We would not recommend you to use this strategy for farming.

Let’s take a look at our second war strategy – mass dragons.

This strategy is pretty popular and probably is the strongest clash of clans town hall 7 attacking strategy. A well-executed dragon attack can take out any townhall 7 base.

Let’s look at the things we need for this strategy – 10 dragons, 3 lightning spells and 4 balloons in the clan castle, that should be it. Our Step 1 – plan your attack. This step is really important since you can’t do much after you have deployed all your dragons, so the key to a well-executed dragon attack is planning. Let’s try to defeat this really popular townhall 7 base (see the video above).

The first thing that we should have in mind is to take out the air defense which is hardest to reach using our lightning spells. Then the question is how to know which air defense is hardest to reach. The answer is – the one inner. Why? Take a look at the storages which can easily distract our dragons and we all know storages have high hit points, so by the time our dragons take out those storages most of them will be dead. Moreover you can see the king is close to the air defense, he can easily distract our dragons since dragons attack CC troops and heroes before any other building.

So if you see an air defense with storages in front of it or maybe came close to it try taking it out with your lightning spells. Now that we have eliminated one of the air defenses it is time for Step 2 – funneling dragons. Let’s take out those two remaining air defenses with our dragons. Instead of deploying our dragons all together at one place – we are going to drop them one by one. Deploy few dragons to take out those out of builders. As we can see a high-level dragon came out of the clan castle so we’re gonna deploy some more dragons on that side to kill it.

Step 3 – you can deploy your balloons. Once you’ve taken out all the air defenses and you have more than six dragons alive there is no way you can lose from that position. Some people use their king to make funnel for the dragons but we should use our King for the cleanup process.

This strategy is really strong you can basically take out any clash of clans th7 base using this guide. And as we all know dragons aren’t cheap so we can’t easily recommend this for farming.

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