Clash of clans TH8 farming guide

Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy | Dark Elixir Farming TH 8 with Goblins (Video)

This town hall 8 attack strategy is perfect for pulling massive amounts of loot.

This army only costs ~155 000 elixir and a very little of dark elixir.

So when we’re looking for bases to loot we are looking for bases that have the a lot of gold, stacked up in the little boxes off to the side of the mine. And then we also have the two windows – you need to make sure that you check on the elixir pump and then you’ll also notice that most of the dark elixir is in the storage in the center of the base.

The army is pretty simple: we got 20 giants, 36 goblins, 6 wall breakers, 13 wizards and the clan castle house’s hog riders (which hopefully you have if some clan mates that are willing to donate those). Then we also have 3 heal spells, one poison spell and the Barbarian King.

This is basically what we call the goblin knife army.

We do have the tanking power of the Giants and then the wizards to back it up as well as the poison spells to take out the clan castle troops. So we’re gonna set a nice wide spread of giants for the defenses (the cannon, the wizard tower, the other cannon and the archer tower) and then we’re going to spread out about 11 wizards back behind it.

Start working on some of storages and collectors and then we’re gonna drop Barbarian King off to the side that way he picks up the fire from the cannon and the archer tower and allows our wizards to work around the edges.

Then pay attention before you drop the wall breakers, make sure that you don’t drop them into a volley from the mortar.

We’re going to sparingly use our heal spells to carry hog riders from the CC through the base.

Now this is the part where we consider the use of the goblin knife, where the goblins go straight to the core of the base, taking out the dark elixir.


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